Who are we?

Meet Chris

Chris_WalkamileI’m an ex social worker, father, friend, partner, all round normal bloke, and mental health campaigner with borderline personality disorder who was disabled out of the job he loved in 2008. I’m supporting this campaign to fight for parity of esteem for mental health services because, since Norman Lamb, the minister for all things mental health, has been in post, he has talked seemingly endlessly about parity of esteem, but despite his efforts, words have done little to achieve it. Words are clearly not enough

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Meet Ann

Save Life WorksLast year I helped, with other service user’s to run a campaign to save our “Lifeworks CommunityService” by encouraging our Cambridge & Peterborough FoAnnRobinsonundation to sign for another 5 years. They took our voice away…We took it back. I am now a voice for Mental Health & very much aim for the powers that be to bring about “Parity of Esteem” in healthcare. Mental health is equally important. Please join us in getting our message out there that” words don’t count” …we want Action!

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Meet Richard

RichardI am a Mental Health Lecturer campaigning in a personal capacity. I trained as a mental health nurse in the 1980s and have worked widely in social and health care in the statutory and third sector as a practitioner, manager and trainer. I am committed to progressive and equitable support and treatment for people experiencing psychological distress.

I believe in parity as a value that should infuse all aspects of mental health care – in relationships, in the provision and delivery of services and as a goal in challenging stigma and discrimination: In this context parity of esteem is a crucial step in the normalisation of psychological distress and societal responses to it. Beyond the unequal allocation of resources, many people affected by mental health conditions fare less well in general healthcare services.

#Wordsdontcount is a call to action and on the eve of a general election it is an opportunity for politicians to move beyond rhetoric and commit to structural change that will resolve the current funding imbalance.

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Meet Carl

CarlI am the “Techy”..or so I am called by my wife Rosalind. I am Co founder of monarchbutterfly.co.uk and work as a Resourcing Cost Manager. I am passionate about “Parity of Esteem” in healthcare because I have first hand experience of needing support and the support just not being available! There was a time, not too long ago when I was having to struggle as a carer to get the support for my wife that she needed, truth be known after over two years, we are still struggling to get her appropriate support now. I also worked in mental health services for nearly ten years, I have a pretty good idea of the struggles that service users, their families and friends experience due to the “lack of resources” in mental healthcare. I am disconcerted by the unclear messaging that we see and have seen over the years handed down to us by our Government.


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Meet Rosalind

RosalindHello. I am a mental health campaigner or “change activist” whichever term you find more tolerable. I have a borderline personality disorder diagnosis and am Co founder of monarchbutterfly.co.uk, supporting those with similar difficulties. I also recently founded wordsdontcount.com, a platform for change activists to list their campaigns. I am married to the “Techy” guy above, as he mentions, life has not been easy. It is still pretty tough, I campaign whilst I sit in wait for appropriate healthcare myself. Alongside my fellow campaigners I too firmly back the #wordsdontcount approach to getting things done. Language and the way we use words is of course important, however when we hear promises that just do not manifest into a reality, that is challenging. I am tired of hearing about “lack of resources” in mental healthcare. This disparity between mental wellness and physical wellness has always been present, and is a global issue. It is time for change.

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